Powerful arms. Maximum wrist strength. The ultimate grip.


From the tips of the fingers, into the hand, through the wrist joint, up along the forearm into the bicep and culminating in the shoulder – there isn’t a single muscle or tendon in the arm that escapes the smooth, but punishing inertial resistance generated by a fast-spinning Powerball. Experience the benefits for yourself:

✔ Increase grip, forearm & wrist strength

Build incredible muscle endurance

Engage a higher percentage of muscle fibres

Compliment traditional weight training

Prevent injuries (muscle damage & RSIs)


Powerball rehabilitation

Pick up a Powerball and feel the power immediately.

Powerball is like a rapidly spinning vortex in your hand; the faster the engine spins, the more inertial resistance it generates, working your arm harder and harder until your muscles are burning and screaming for you to stop. And because it generates pure isometric resistance, Powerball engages almost the entire group of fibres in each muscle that it’s exercising, ensuring that you’ll reach fatigue in a much shorter time frame than with traditional exercise methods (less than 30 seconds in fact, if you really accelerate Powerball’s rotor speed).


Pushing against Powerball’s unique resistance rapidly builds muscle from fingertip to shoulder. Use Powerball at high speeds for just 5 each day and feel the difference immediately:

· Enhance arm muscles · Build wrist strength · Dramatically improve grip power


Unlike conventional isotonic training (weight lifting, etc.), resistance strengthening with Powerball is fully isometric. Isometric exercise engages a far higher percentage of muscle fibres than isotonic exercise does, allowing you to achieve strength and endurance gains faster. This also means that Powerball is a complementary product to anyone who is serious about strengthening. Use Powerball in conjunction with any training regime and see the improvement in your endurance goals in no time:

  • Strength gains – especially grip, forearm & wrist strength
  • Huge improvement in muscle endurance
  • Warm up and down before sports or gym sessions
  • Injury prevention (muscles tears, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sprains, etc.)



Put down your dumbbells and take a fresh look at the way you exercise – these small balls really can build arms of steel.

Powerballs are similar to a baseball or tennis ball in size and weigh between 300 – 600 grams (0.6 – 1.3 pounds). However, these handheld gyroscopic strengtheners pack a serious punch. Despite their diminutive size, they can generate over 60 times their own weight in isometric resistance to give you incredible muscle pump.

Spin Powerball for as little as 1 minute and feel the same muscle pump as you would after a long weights session. The secret of a Powerball is the gyroscopic rotor that is inside every model. The faster this rotor spins, the more resistance you feel.


Spin Powerball at high speeds and instantly begin to feel its immense power working its way along your entire upper arm. As you fight and push against the resistance generated by Powerball, you are strengthening not only your muscles, but your joints and tendons as well. In this way, Powerball trains every component in your upper arm, providing you with a deep layer of body armour and effective injury protection. Use Powerball to prevent and rehabilitate:

  • Muscle tears
  • Sprains, breaks & fractures
  • RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome


Powerball is the most mobile piece of gym equipment that you will ever own. It would be quite difficult to carry your 25kg dumbbell set around with you wherever you go, however, with Powerball, you can put it in your bag, bring it to work, spin it while you watch TV or while you wait in the car. Powerball can replicate the workout of a 25kg dumbbell, all in the palm of your hand.  We offer a range of Powerball models to suit everyone’s budget and training goals – check out our store and find the perfect Powerball for you, today.


Powerball enables you to target every group of muscles – from your fingertip all the way to your shoulder. Vary the position of your arms and they way you grip Powerball to target specific muscle groups. Check out our guided exercise programmes for more information on individual muscle targeting. You can find our full list of videos and exercise programmes in our videos section.


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Powerful arms. Maximum wrist strength. The ultimate grip.
Powerball works like no exercise equipment you’ve ever picked up.

✔ Increase – grip, forearm & wrist strength
✔ Build – incredible muscle endurance
✔ Engage – a higher percentage of muscle fibers
✔ Compliment – traditional weights training
✔ Prevent – injuries (muscle damage & RSIs)

Weighing between 300 – 600 grams, Powerball can generate 60 times its own weight in punishing resistance training.



The best products don’t require a lot of fuss, they just work. Wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.

As your Powerball® rotor builds speed so does the gyroscopic resistance created. This resistance is in the form of isometric exercise for a Powerball® user. Perfect for rehabilitation & strengthening from fingertip to shoulder.


The faster you rotate your wrist, the faster the rotor spins and the more resistance Powerball generates..

From 1.0lb right up to 60lbs.

Spin slowly for rehab of RSI or a broken bone; spin fast to build gold standard grip and forearm strength