Cure & Prevent RSI from Gaming & Computer Use


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Pain in hands or RSI from gaming or using a computer?

Using a computer mouse, typing, scrolling through emails on your phone and playing video games all have one thing in common: they each demand hundreds of tiny repetitive movements from our fingers, wrists and hands.

When repeated over a long period of time, these repetitive movements are enough to place serious strain on our muscles and joints. So, it’s no surprise that regular use of technology is one of the largest causes of repetitive strain injury (RSI) today.

RSI, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and tennis elbow will develop as a result of muscle overuse and can worsen over time if left untreated. Common symptoms of RSI include discomfort or irritation in the joints, muscle soreness and wrist or hand pain. Not only can these conditions take weeks to heal, but they may also prevent you from working and can have a negative impact on daily life.


Thankfully, there is a solution.

Powerball is a world-class product for rehabilitation and strengthening. At only the size of a tennis ball, Powerball fits comfortably in your hand and produces isometric resistance as you spin it. This isometric resistance works against the movements of your wrist and effectively stimulates your muscles to soothe hand pain and rehabilitate an RSI from gaming or regular computer use.

Spinning Powerball at slow speeds for as little as 3 minutes each day is enough to boost circulation to injured tendons and muscles. This increase in circulation carries oxygen-rich nutrients to sore muscle tissue where they gently heal and repair damaged cells. Increased circulation in the joint also helps to alleviate symptoms, providing you with instant, soothing pain relief.

What’s more, the resistance created by Powerball not only rehabilitates injured muscles and joints, but it also strengthens for long-term results. The benefits of exercising with Powerball are tenfold, so you can get back to gaming or working on a computer in no time. Start spinning Powerball today and experience the difference for yourself.


The isometric resistance generated by Powerball is 100% non-impact, meaning it doesn’t place any strain on sore or damaged muscles. Instead, this resistance strengthens as you recover. This speeds up the recovery process and allows your muscles to heal within a shorter time frame. Short recovery times, long-term results – pick up a Powerball today and enjoy the benefits of a healthy & pain-free lifestyle.

Prevent RSI from gaming and computer use with Powerball

Regular exercise with Powerball helps maintain muscle tone and joint health to keep you feeling strong from fingertip to shoulder. Powerball’s combination of active strengthening and rehabilitation not only repairs damaged muscle tissue, but it also acts as an extra layer of body amour that protects you from any future injury.

Spinning Powerball at higher speeds keeps your muscles strong and supple, enhancing overall flexibility and endurance. What’s more, the firm gripping action required to spin Powerball at high speeds trains your fingers for a more powerful grip.


Combat the negative effects of a long day of computer work at the office or a marathon gaming session with friends. Thanks to its convenient size, Powerball is ideal for storing on your desk at work or on the coffee table at home. Simply give it a quick spin during breaks and begin to feel the difference immediately. Whether you use Powerball to build muscle, boost circulation or to rehabilitate from RSI, this revolutionary device will ensure your muscles always remain in great shape.

A healthy & pain-free lifestyle for gamers and computer users

Next time you feel like scrolling through your newsfeed, why not give Powerball a quick spin instead?

Use Powerball for just 3 minutes each day and feel the effects as its powerful resistance works its way along the entire kinetic chain of the arm:

  • Build strength & endurance from fingertip to shoulder
  • Increase grip power and finger dexterity (perfect for gamers)
  • Rehabilitate RSI from gaming & computer use, including TFCC tears
  • Repair & strengthen muscles to avoid future possible injury
  • Boost circulation during periods of inactivity

Maintain a healthy & pain-free environment in the home, at the office or on the go with Powerball. Learn more about the range of models available in-store and find the perfect Powerball for you today.


A step-by-step guide to recovery with Powerball

Here at Powerball, we’ve worked closely with physios and sports injury therapists to design a clear and easy-to-follow rehabilitation path with your recovery in mind. Watch the video below to see our finger flexor and extensor exercise programme or check out the videos page for a full selection of exercises and a step-by-step guide to recovery.


Get spinning, the Powerball way.

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Hand pain, stiff fingers or RSI from gaming or computer use? RSI (repetitive strain injuries) are becoming more and more commonplace for computer users & gamers. Cure & prevent these symptoms, simply by spinning Powerball.

 Cure – repetitive strain injury & hand pain
 Reduce – rehabilitation times
✔ Prevent – future possible injury
✔ Stay – healthy & pain-free
✔ Follow – physio-designed programmes

Loosen stiff joints, combat RSI, relieve hand pain and more with Powerball.



The best products don’t require a lot of fuss, they just work. Wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.

As your Powerball® rotor builds speed so does the gyroscopic resistance created. This resistance is in the form of isometric exercise for a Powerball® user. Perfect for rehabilitation & strengthening from fingertip to shoulder.


The faster you rotate your wrist, the faster the rotor spins and the more resistance Powerball generates..

From 1.0lb right up to 60lbs.

Spin slowly for rehab of RSI or a broken bone; spin fast to build gold standard grip and forearm strength