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Powerspin is a precision steel ball revolving rapidly inside an infinity tube which provides powerful isometric resistance to completely engage your upper body and core muscles.

Grasp Powerspin and you'll feel it working immediately - the faster you spin, the harder it works, each revolution of the ball tightening your muscles instantly; your arms will feel firmer, your back and shoulders toned, your abs solid - Powerspin is extremely efficient and will set your muscles burning in less than 20 seconds; how long you use it and how fast you spin is determined only by your own fitness level and anaerobic capacity but visible results are 100% guaranteed.

Simple to pick up and use for everyone, your arms and abs just won't know what hit them.

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Simple to pick up and use - but your
    arms won't know what hit them

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Powerspin is a precision steel ball revolving rapidly inside an infinity tube which generates powerful isometric resistance to completely engage your upper body and core muscles. (The steel ball is over molded in a fine rubber coating to increase resistance and reduce noise levels during use)

Grasp Powerspin and you'll feel it working immediately; the faster you spin, the harder it works, each spin tightening your muscles within seconds; your arms will feel firmer, your back and shoulders toned, your abs solid - no matter your current fitness level.

Users can follow the introductory 6 minute workout DVD which accompanies the product during purchase, or can use it freestyle, depending on existing fitness levels.

(Alternatively, we have also introduced a higher intensity 10 minute workout to allow users take their Powerspin training up a few levels - please view it here).

There are 6 main Powerspin exercises, all of which have been created to isolate and work upon a specific muscle group.

Depending on spin speed during these exercises and the user's personal diet at time of exercise, Powerspin can be used to either tone or build muscle;

a) slow speed / low intensity spins of up to 45 seconds will tone and firm the arms and abs

b) high speed / high intensive spinning for over 60 seconds each time will actually break down and subsequently build muscle.

The technique of getting the ball to roll around inside your new Powerspin is, in fact, a very straightforward one. It can be properly described by having you pretend you are trying to polish a stubborn stain from the table or, you're doing that satisfying circular polishing action required to wax the bonnet of your car.

When you do either of these tasks, you'll recall that the work is done with your whole ARM and not your WRIST and this is key to proper Powerspin use; the wrist must be kept locked firmly as you spin; you must ONLY rotate the arm in each of these exercises - if you use the wrist then you'll be altering the plane of Powerspin and this will make it very difficult for the ball to travel around smoothly inside.

Try to "throw" the ball around against the outer surface of the tube; imagine a piece of string hanging from your hand with a stone attached to the end and you need to get that stone to swirl around. Moving your wrist in a circular motion won't really work... in order to get that stone moving, you'll need to keep the wrist locked in place and start rotating the arm like you're stirring a large pot... big wide slow/lazy circles at first, gradually reducing in diameter as the stone builds speed. As your arm gathers pace and the circles of rotation get smaller, the stone will also gather momentum and start flying around at a significant speed.

That is exactly what you're trying to do with Powerspin; as the ball gathers speed inside the tube, it starts generating very significant centrifugal force and really works your arms, chest and shoulders hard as you try to spin it faster and faster... it's non stop pressure too, entirely unrelenting until you are forced to stop from the burn building up in the arm and shoulder muscles (if you do it correctly, they'll be burning after just 25-30 seconds).

For visual reference, please view this 45 second video demonstrating the correct spin technique.

Like any piece of exercise apparatus, it is entirely possible to work Powerspin at a pace which will have very little affect on the muscles.

If you are able to use this device for 30 seconds without experiencing significant muscle burn then it's simply because you are either not spinning it correctly or you are spinning far too slowly. (Please review the "I can't get my Powerspin to... spin!" question above in order to establish the correct technique).

In terms of just how fast to spin however, we have found that different people have significantly different tolerances.

In some cases, persons who have not actively exercised their arms/shoulders/abs for a period of time will simply wilt after just 10 seconds of spinning the device at a slow to moderate pace (with correct technique). On the other hand, those who are in a relatively high state of personal fitness will manage to spin (through gritted teeth we might add) for upwards of 50-60 seconds per exercise - albeit, even these people will experience significant muscular burn from using the device quite simply because it is an isometric exercise product which utilises your muscles in a way that conventional exercise methods (dumbbells, barbells etc) will not tend to do and the muscle(s) will remain fully engaged for the entire duration in which the ball is spinning, putting them under considerable pressure in return.

We 100% guarantee that, despite its simplistic appearance, Powerspin will test and subsequently trouble, the muscles of any living person, regardless of their current fitness levels. Just ensure you learn the correct technique and push yourself a little. And remember to watch out for the muscle burn because it will come. And quickly.

Unlike a fixed weight dumbbell, Powerspin offers an infinitely variable resistance and therefore can be used by persons young or old, fit or impaired, standing or wheel chair bound - there are no restrictions.

Because the resistance generated by Powerspin is directly proportional to the speed at which the user can spin the ball around inside the tube, Powerspin can just as easily be used by a 65 year old lady recovering from a broken limb as she's sitting watching TV as it can be by a 200lb track star down at the gym or a hyper fit squash player as a warm up device before going on court.

It all depends on your own personal fitness goals and how fast you spin.

(Note: as with all forms of physical exercise, we recommend that you consult with a physician if in any doubt about your own fitness levels and before exercising. Powerspin is an isometric exercise device and is not recommended for use by persons suffering with a heart condition of any description)

It shall all depend on your personal fitness objectives.

There are three main types of Powerspin user:

  1. Persons looking to tone and firm their muscles (not increase the actual muscle size) - usually female
  2. Persons looking to build muscle size and definition - usually male
  3. Persons seeking recovery from prior or current muscular or skeletal injury - both sexes

1. Tone and firm muscles

Those in category one are typically female, seeking to firm up loose/saggy triceps ("bingo wings"), abs and under utilised bicep muscles. Such users generally have no desire to increase the muscle size (in fact, most women will actively avoid doing so).

For these users, we simply recommend that you follow the 6 minute exercise workout DVD that accompanied your Powerspin when purchased. (If this is not available, it can be accessed by simply clicking here)

Alternatively, you may consider using Powerspin in a more 'freestyle' manner.

In these cases therefore, we recommend that Powerspin is used at a moderate to fast pace (approximately 70-75% of your maximum effort) for bursts of 30 seconds each exercise movement (there are 6 main powerspin exercise movements), followed by a 15 second recovery break each time.

This is termed: 1 "set".

Repeat this for a total of 2-3 minutes per arm depending on your current fitness level.

This effectively equates to approximately 4 x 30 second (moderate intensity) spins mixed with 4 x 15 second recovery periods per arm and is a form of interval training where you have a work to rest ratio of 2:1 which has been proven to work well at building personal fitness levels in persons who haven't exercised for a period of time but are keen to get back into shape again.

This type of interval training routine should be repeated for each of the other 5 Powerspin exercises (please click here for a refresh) - again, depending on fitness levels, you can chose to do all 6 exercise movements in one 15-20 minute spin session or simply break these up into different exercise days, whatever your personal preference.

The key here is the intensity levels used; if you are just interested in just toning up and firming the muscles in the arms or abs for example (and not building them in size) then it is recommended that you perform each of the 6 main Powerspin exercises at up to 75% of your maximum effort and no more - this product is isometric and highly efficient.

To improve your overall fitness levels using Powerspin, we recommend that you lengthen the exercise duration each time.

As you see above, you'll be commencing with spins of 30 seconds duration followed by 15 seconds recovery. As your muscles become familiar with this unique product, they will take longer to reach that lactic acid build up threshold and, in return, your endurance with each exercise will increase to the point where you will be able to spin for up to 60 seconds+ each time before requiring a recovery period. The ideal interval training ratio is 2:1 or even 3:1 work to recovery. In the case of Powerspin, it means that you should be aiming for at least 40 or 60 seconds spinning for each 20 second recovery period. Once you reach that kind of performance (while still spinning at 75% of your maximum effort) we guarantee that you'll be noticing a significant difference in the overall strength and appearance of your arms and abs.

Of course, please remember that, like with every form of exercise, you should be keeping an eye on what you're eating; in addition to firming your muscles, using Powerspin will also help you to burn calories but... if you're eating more calories than your recommended daily intake, you'll still be getting fitter and stronger but your body mass will be increasing regardless - ideally, Powerspin should be combined with a form of Cardio exercise (walking, running, cycling, cross training etc) for maximum effect and weight loss.

2. Build muscle size and definition

Powerspin is a form of isometric exercise and is therefore a highly effective product with which to build muscle size and definition.

Isometric exercise differs from isotonic exercise (conventional dumbbells/barbells/weight machines etc.) in that it is typically a static form of exercise which tends to engage a far higher percentage of the fibers in the muscle being exercised in each specific workout and, as a result, can work [that] muscle harder and within a far shorter time frame than through conventional exercise methods.

Persons wishing to use Powerspin for the purpose of building muscle should spin at 90-95% of their maximum effort and try to maintain this for bursts of 40-60 seconds on each exercise, with a 10-15 second recovery and repeating each work/recovery set 3-5 times in as short a time frame as possible.

Make no mistake; use of Powerspin in such a manner will literally ignite your arms, shoulders, chest and ab muscles in a baptism of fire and build lactic acid to levels in the muscle groups that you'll unlikely have experienced in the gym, no matter what your fitness levels or experience in the past.

The simple fact is that, with Powerspin, the resistance is 'always on' - it's not comparable to lifting a dumbbell where the resistance varies through the entire repetition - once the ball starts spinning, it's generating resistance (smooth but deadly inertial resistance) which builds in direct proportion to your efforts (ie, the spin speed). If you're serious about building the bicep for example, you'll grasp the outer tube for maximal leverage and, keeping the elbow fixed firmly to your side, you'll perform a pulsing 'hammering' action which will see the ball spin around inside. If you are indeed spinning at 90% of your effort, it will take just a few seconds before this action starts to produce dramatic results and you'll feel the burn building in the muscle. Maintain the spin for a further 20 seconds and your arm will rapidly tire... hold it for another 10 seconds and the muscle will be screaming... it will be relentless and without end... the resistance from Powerspin does not vary, it's full on and continues until you simply have to stop.

Take your 10 second recovery and repeat the set.

And then repeat it once more.

And then, after just 3 x 60sec, your arm will be so pumped, so hard, so defined and so on fire, you'll wonder just what has happened.

The hardened body builder may scoff at the simplistic appearance of Powerspin but we assure any such doubter that looks, in this case, certainly are deceiving and it will be merciless upon the arms and upper body if used correctly.

(As always, if in doubt about your own personal fitness levels, it is advisable to consult a physician before using a product like Powerspin. It is an extremely effective exercise device and should be treated as such - never exceed your own fitness abilities).

3. Muscular injury and rehabilitation

As the ball spins around inside, Powerspin® produces a creamy, silky smooth resistance directly proportional to the effort of the user. As a rehabilitation device for damaged limbs therefore, this is good news on two specific fronts;

i) Unlike picking up a fixed weight dumbbell, Powerspin will only start generating its "weight" (inertial resistance) once the ball starts spinning. Therefore, if you have a particularly weak or damaged arm (torn tendons, scar tissue in the elbow joint or previously broken bone for example), you can simply start spinning at a very, very low speed which in turn will generate only minimal resistance against the limb and avoid putting it under any form of damaging pressure. As blood starts flowing into the arm/wrist, and the muscles and tendons begin to warm up, you can gradually build up the speed of the ball inside, allowing resistance to build appropriately but gently, always mindful of the pressure it is bearing upon the injured limb.

In this way, Powerspin is like a dumbbell with a dial; you can turn up the dial (increase ball speed) if you want it "heavier" or turn it down (reduce ball speed) if you want it "lighter"... and everything in between - there is no risk of Powerspin ever being too "heavy" for you regardless of your present condition or injury, you always remain in full control.

ii) It has been scientifically proven that isometric exercise (the kind offered by Powerspin) will typically stress the MUSCLE as opposed to the TENDON attached to that muscle and therefore it can be highly beneficial in helping to rehabilitate or train around injuries caused by traditional isometric (weight lifting) exercises.

This is a hugely important advantage for those nursing painful scar tissue around the major joints like the elbow, which itself features heavily in most arm and chest exercises in conventional isotonic workouts... if you've ever tried to lift a dumbbell, even a light one, while carrying an RSI injury on your elbow (inflammation of the tendons around the joint) then you'll know it can really hurt and completely undermine the entire workout simply by the discomfort it causes in most of the main movements (dumbbell fly, bicep curl, tricep curl, lat pull down, even chest press if it's bad enough). You will therefore appreciate the massive advantage of still being able to exercise and stress the bicep and tricep muscles while simultaneously rehabilitating the surrounding scar tissue with a fast spinning Powerspin® - it really does work.

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